FuelMe experience of the month: “I now eat high-quality food and save so much time”

Since we launched Anna has been ordering so many FuelMe meals we actually lost count. Now it turns out she has not been eating all those meals all by herself but got the whole household converted as well. So we had to have a quick chat with her - mainly to check if she did not go crazy for no reason.

Hello Anna! Tell us - where did you first hear about FuelMe?

A: “I actually heard about it for the first time at our box, CrossFit Kehä. The owner Mikael is an early adopter of new and cool things and once he got to know about it, he mentioned in our Facebook group that something like this is coming up. He was very keen to get us set up as early as possible. There were a few that really wanted to try it out so he made sure the box became a pick-up point. And I quickly jumped on that bandwagon.”

Before you got the chance to order from FuelMe, how would cooking and eating look like?

A: “Most of the nights I would cook myself. Sometimes we would go out to eat. But I’m pretty strict about what I want to eat every day: real clean, proper food. So I still would try to squeeze in the time to do grocery shopping and cook myself. Ready-made frozen meals or anything with processed ingredients was not an option. I now order FuelMe meals for my partner and my 15-year-old daughter, who has a busy life of her own already. But all 3 of us eat FuelMe meals together.”

You seem to have quite busy days, how often do you do sports?

A: My partner goes to Kehä with me. I maybe train a bit more than him, he does other sports outside of the box. And my daughter does dance class two times per week and also studies quite a lot. I have one day off per week, usually on Saturday. So I train every weeknight plus Sunday. Not necessarily at the box, but we have also taken up some orienteering and running workouts. I would say our schedules are hectic, especially for me and my partner because we do quite a lot of sports. But quality time is spent together while we have food.”

How does FuelMe fit in that daily hectic life?

A: “FuelMe is absolutely time-saving in that regard, as I have a pretty demanding job. Most of the nights when I get back from work I would grab my gym bag, drive straight to the box and train. When I am finished it’s already between 8 and 9 ‘o clock. I used to go straight to the grocery store, do the shopping and fix something quick. And you can imagine that really takes a lot of time. I’m not really the person who does the Sunday meal prep. Nor do I want to go to the grocery store every night. So FuelMe saves me time every single day - not just for the cooking, but also for the grocery shopping as we were used to spending a lot of time on that.”

Have you noticed any differences in your daily life before and after ordering FuelMe?

A: “Definitely the regularity, by losing the stress over the grocery shopping and cooking. I actually did a weight loss project on my own and FuelMe has been supporting that program quite nicely with the pre-calculated macros. I like the meals with higher carbs for my workout days as my post-workout meals. But there is a lot of variety in the meals now to make it work.”

When it comes to food and FuelMe, do all 3 of you have the same preferences?

A: “Everyone really likes the meals. Of course, we all have our preferences and our favorites. Our daughter is also quite interested in food and she’s a pretty good chef herself. My daughter and I always look forward to having chicken pesto pasta, and my partner's favorites are all the pulled pork meals on the menu. Also, the paleo protein burger you had before the summer break was great. I have to say the chicken is always pretty awesome, the way it’s cooked and tastes.”

What the first thing you would grab on a cheat day?

A: *Laughs out loud* “Pizza or burger probably! I don’t like the word cheating though. I do eat pizza and burgers every now and then, but I do it very consciously.”

You order 12 meals per week with the new subscription model. In terms of your food budget, has it changed a lot?

A: “I don’t think it has actually changed that much. When I would have absolutely no time to cook, we would still eat out and now we are eating out less on weekdays. Plus during grocery shopping, I would buy high-quality food which is never cheap, so it definitely has not increased the budget. And there is so much less food waste! It’s so much easier now as you only need to buy things for breakfast and can have FuelMe for dinner.”

What does FuelMe, in a nutshell, mean to you?

A: “It allows me to eat high-quality food without spending time on it and it allows me to spend time on things I really want to do during weekdays.”

Are there any future changes you would like to see from FuelMe?

A: “After the summer break I have been really happy and liked the meals a lot. Something seems to have changed and they taste even better. I like the simplicity and they are not meals I would cook myself. I notice nice new meals every now and then so there is enough variety in the rotation. It would be great to be able to purchase separate protein like chicken or meat, or vegetables for example. I’ve been pleased with the subscription model now and how fast you guys communicate if I would like any changes in my subscription.“

Kiitos, Anna!


“Smile guys, we can start eating very soon.”

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