FuelMe Experience of the Month: “These are the reasons I order from FuelMe”

Every month we have a chat with someone who has been ordering from FuelMe and wants to share his/her experience with our food delivery service in Helsinki. After no less than 112 FuelMe meals in the past 3 months, we sat down with Ville U. to hear him out about his experience with FuelMe and to get to know his lifestyle better.

Hi Ville! Pleasure to meet you. You seem to have been enjoying FuelMe quite a bit by now. But tell us - how has your lifestyle changed during the last year?

V: “Hi guys! The pleasure is mine. I have been trying to lose some weight and to improve my health lately, for about the last 6 months. At first I was struggling with going to the gym. I signed up at Stadi CrossFit for a more personalized approach and that helped me on my way. I now follow classes 5-6 time per week. After that, I noticed I was having trouble to find an easy or nice way to have dinner after training.”

What was your main struggle?

V: “Like many others, the first thing I do after I leave from the office somewhere between 5-6 PM is go to the gym and get a sweat on. Eventually after training I would end up preparing a meal and eat around 9 PM - which takes me way too long. Eating in a restaurant would be one option as well, though I still would prefer to prepare food. Overall it was too time-consuming and eating between 9 and 10 PM was simply too late.

Of course you can order a pizza or whatever you like online, but everyone know it is greasy and not good for you at all. You can order a salad, which will be boring after a while because it is the same salad every time. And it is not cheap either.

So the main issue was a lack of time and a proper good meal with the right nutrition. And that is exactly what I like about FuelMe.”

Were you following a strict diet or were your eating habits quite liberal?

V: “I would say something in between those two models. About a year ago I was still eating lots of crap. After getting more into training, I slowly started focusing on my macros and I have been improving for about half a year now. I follow a program of Precision Nutrition with my PT Simon, where I get a daily email with a general guideline. Handful of carbs, handful of protein, little bit of fat - those kind of tips and you learn more every day. FuelMe supports the program as it is way easier than when I would prepare everything myself after I am done exercising. This makes my life much easier.“

Do you order FuelMe just for yourself?

V: “No, I have been ordering with my girlfriend - she likes it too. The meals are big for her, they are sometimes even big for me. Considering I am trying to lose weight, it could be even smaller. But of course, if it is good nutrition then it is definitely ok for me to get the food in.”

Compared to what you were eating before, do you eat less now that you are ordering from FuelMe?

V: “I eat better. Maybe sometimes even more, at least that is how it feels like.”

Have you noticed anything about yourself after eating the meals for multiple weeks?

V: “I have lost quite some weight. Of course it is a combination of  regular training and the right food. I could have lost more weight, but I like to have a nice time during the weekend as well. I eat quite healthy during the week, but not necessarily during the weekend, when I would have a beer (or two). But now with all the training and the switch to FuelMe, I lost roughly 10 kg during the last 6 months. Besides that I feel more active as well.”

Has your food budget changed a lot after switching to FuelMe?

V: “No, the budget actually has become smaller. When you go to the grocery store, you buy loads of things you do not necessarily need. With FuelMe you just get what you need and you do not have any food waste, so the loss is minimalized now. You do not need to throw anything with an expiry date for example. When you buy vegetables, you do not necessarily use all of them either. I say it is definitely less.”

You have tasted quite a few of our meals by now, but which one would be your favorite?

V: Oh yea, there are some good ones! Let me think.... The pasta with the chicken, that is a very good one. Other ones I always like as well. But in general I just eat it without thinking! I always take what looks good on the menu. Some people like spicy food, others like it less spicy - so I usually add some spices myself.

We do not order the fish meals as I am allergic, but in general I do not bother too much with what we order. I do not calculate my macros either. As long as it’s good nutrition, it is all good for me.”

What is your favourite cheat meal/snack?

V: “I do not really have a specific cheat meal. I might have some pizza over the weekend, but I am not that strict about it. During this time of the year I can have some BBQ as well, but I try to keep it quite healthy nowadays. But if I feel like some pizza or some alcohol when I meet with friends, then I will not care too much about it and hold myself back. Some balance is important.”

What does FuelMe mean to you in a nutshell?

V: “Hmm, maybe three things:

  1. Excellent nutrition.
  2. Losing weight.
  3. Saving time.

Of course there is always room for improvement in any kind of service, but it already has made a great impact on my life."

Thanks, Ville! 


"Training done for today, time for FuelMe!"

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