How to Eat Clean Food for Training and Everyday Life - The Story behind FuelMe

Everyone likes food. Everyone would like to eat clean, nutritious and tasty food. Eat real food that supports your training and busy life.

Yet it seems difficult. You have a packed schedule every day. You don’t want to meal prep every week either, quite time-consuming and hard to meal prep for a whole week. Supermarkets, restaurants, other services don’t seem to promote healthy or clean food. Eventually eating clean ends up on the background and just eating “something” often becomes a priority, especially when your time is restricted and you’re in a desperate hungry state after a long day. The time we spend every day and week on shopping, coming up with what to buy, cooking, doing dishes, etc., we rather spend on other things (especially at a late hour of a typical winter day). So, often we end up eating the easiest solution. Which is not always very clean, even though we would like it to be.  

Eating clean is about choosing the healthiest option in each food group - and cutting down on the not very healthy ones. More whole foods like vegetables, healthy proteins, healthy foods. Less additives, preservatives, refined foods, unhealthy fats and large amounts of sugar and salt. Eating clean will have a big impact on your health, in the short and long run. When work, commitments and life get in the way, we often neglect this.

With that issue in our mind, Mika and I sat down in April 2017. We have known each other from training together and organizing Hietsu Beach Battle, a low level outdoor CrossFit event taking place in Helsinki. Working together for that event was a great success. After the idea popped and we noticed the demand in the CrossFit community, we set out to solve the issue; a food service that provides clean, nutritious and tasty meals, that contain all the macros to support our training and everyday life. You don’t want to worry about the whole cooking process either and save time. We didn’t want to make the food ourselves - we still wanted people to actually like the food.

Through trial and error in the following months, we came up with a order and delivery model that works smoothly and received a lot of positive feedback. Finding the right chef was a long process, but after one call with Rachid, we knew he would be a part of FuelMe. Besides operating Ravintola De Haven and a catering business, Rachid is very keen on clean and tasty food, with the right combination of flavors, spices and ingredients. His freezer is no bigger than a shoe box and all meals are made from scratch with fresh ingredients.

An ignition week followed and people loved the meals. We calculate all the carbs, protein, fats and calories to make sure your body gets everything it needs. FuelMe launched publically two weeks ago and there has been a wide interest for the service in the CrossFit community and outside of it. We listen to all the feedback to adjust and improve where needed.

We want to be a genuine, transparent and honest service that really helps to make people’s life healthier and at the same time easier. Nutritious ingredients and food are the base of everyday life, how you feel and what you can with your body. Now you can eat clean and healthy food every day. Because FuelMe provides clean, nutritious and tasty meals to support your active lifestyle.



CEO FuelMe

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