Recyclable packaging for a plastic-free future

As a meal delivery service, we are very passionate about the environment and our impact on it. That is why for packing our healthy ready-to-eat meals in eco-friendly DeLight packaging and place those meals in 100% recyclable paper bags. Eco-friendly packaging is better for the environment as it is made of recycled waste material which reduces the consumption of resources.

DeLight package is a new type of hybrid package, where wood fiber is enhanced with polymers. The packaging is microwaveable, oven-proof to +200°C, and can be frozen to -40°C. DeLight products can be reused, recycled and recovered in package recycling schemes. 

DeLight products are made mainly from renewable raw materials. The carbon footprint of Delight products is lower compared to many competing packaging materials such as plastic and aluminium. The company won a Plastic Act of the Year award by the Finnish Plastic Association in 2010 and was nominated as a finalist for the Pro Carton/ ECMA Awards in 2012.


To deliver our meals, we use thick brown paper handled bags, carrying convenience in a paper substrate. Whether you’re carrying a sack full of FuelMe meals or only a few meals, the paper bags are proven to withstand a sizable load. Durable and practical paper bags are an effective solution for preservation and storage.

As our FuelMe experience of the month noted during a chat: 

“That’s another very nice thing about FuelMe; the sustainable and recyclable packaging. This actually really impressed me and I considered it a very nice touch to the service. It makes me feel that FuelMe is a little bit more of premium service from that perspective because they do not use cheap packaging.”


With billions of tons of waste filling landfills globally every year, society is becoming increasingly environmental-conscious – from eating more sustainably to eco-friendly packaging to reusing grocery bags. FuelMe will keep making efforts to improve its use of environmentally-friendly material in the present and the future.

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