Use your lunch vouchers to pay for meal delivery

Want to order healthy ready-made meals to your home using your lunch voucher benefit? We accept payments from all lunch voucher providers: Edenred, Eazybreak, Smartum and ePassi.

1. Standalone order

To place a standalone order on our website, you receive a digital gift card that replaces the value of the lunch vouchers.

How it works:

  1. Make payments on the lunch voucher app until you reach the total amount you would like to use to place an order through the FuelMe website. You can find us as "FuelMe", "FuelMe Office" or "FuelMe HQ".
  2. Drop us a message after you have done the payments on the app, so we can double check your payments and the total value.
  3. We will send a digital FuelMe gift card to your email with the same value to place your order on the FuelMe website. This gift card be used over multiple orders until you have used up all the value.

You can also use physical paper vouchers to receive a FuelMe gift card. These can be picked up by the driver on your first delivery. Get in touch to let us know what the total value of your paper vouchers is and we will send you a digital gift card to place your order before the first delivery. You can give the paper vouchers to the driver upon the first delivery.

2. Subscription

You can use your lunch vouchers for a weekly, monthly or 3-monthly recurring order.

How it works:

  1. Let us know what the total value of the lunch vouchers is that you would like to use for the subscription.
  2. We will send you a discount code with the same value to activate your subscription.
  3. Create your subscription using your personal discount code at the checkout. You can pay the possible remaining amount of the subscription with a credit card after entering the discount code.

For future payments of the subscription:

  • For a weekly subscription, you pay the lunch voucher value every week before Friday. This would be the same value you paid when creating the subscription.
  • For a monthly or 3-monthly subscription, you pay the total lunch voucher value before the first delivery date of the new subscription interval (i.e. monthly or 3-monthly). You can make multiple payments over multiple days on the lunch voucher app if needed.
  • If there is a remaining amount after the lunch voucher payments, this will be automatically charged from your bank card.

If you have any questions regarding payment with lunch vouchers for your meal delivery, do not hesitate to get in touch!

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